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About Kikuchi Ryokan

Kikuchi Ryokan

Kikuchi Ryokan is an 90 years old inn situated near the Kyukitakami River of Ishinomaki City in Japan. It has welcomed many visitors with its warm hospitality and homely atmosphere.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami happened on March 11, 2011 has severely destroyed the inn in which the owner of Kikuchi Ryokan had thought of closing down the business, just like all the other neighborhood hotels and inns. However, many requests from travelers and heartfelt supports of the volunteers encouraged the owner to stand up and restart the business again. Finally one year after the disaster, Kikuchi Ryokan eventually reopened with expectations toward the reconstruction of Ishinomaki City and the revival of its tourism.

Today, Kikuchi Ryokan serves as a lodge for anyone who has interest to visit Ishinomaki City with the anticipation on its restoration.


  • Single
  • Double
  • Child

Per night:
Main Bldg. 4400yen / Annex 5500yen
Per night + Breakfast:
Main Bldg. 5170yen / Annex 6270yen
Per night + Dinner:
Main Bldg. 6050yen / Annex 7150yen
Per night + Breakfast & Dinner:
Main Bldg. 6820yen / Annex 7920yen
* Special discount available for long stay (more than seven nights)

Per night:
Main Bldg. 4180yen / Annex 5280yen
Per night + Breakfast:
Main Bldg. 4950yen / Annex 6050yen
Per night + Dinner:
Main Bldg. 5830yen / Annex 6930yen
Per night + Breakfast & Dinner:
Main Bldg. 6600yen / Annex 7700yen
* Charge per person for two or more people sharing one room

Per night:
Main Bldg. 3080yen / Annex 4180yen
Per night + Breakfast:
Main Bldg. 3850yen / Annex 4950yen
Per night + Dinner:
Main Bldg. 4730yen / Annex 5830yen
Per night + Breakfast & Dinner:
Main Bldg. 5500yen / Annex 6600yen
* For child under the age of six

Payment methods other than cash:
Credit Cards

*All prices are tax included

*Cancellation made on the day of arrival or no-show will result in a cancellation charge equal to the first night of your stay

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